Thursday 16 June 2016

The Walk of the Moon

We are recently returned from playing at an immersive theatrical event in Ibiza: The Walk of the Moon. The event took place at the beautiful commune and eco-centre, Casita Verde, up high on a beautiful green hillside as the sun went down. The event was created by my artist friend and collaborator, Michaela Meadow, and the puppet and theatre maker, Joanna Hruby. We were also joined by the performer and theatre director Phil Kingslan John.

Here are series of photos from that magical day, taken by Gato Suárez:

Shakti the water spirit!

Michaela Meadow

Grant Sparkle as the Air Spirit

Moon Guardian, Julia Minnear
Me and the ancient Phoenician Goddess, Tanit

The witch

Phil Kingslan John

Joanna Hruby and the Fire Spirit

Harry 'Dreeaaaam' Dean


  1. Very good, it all looks so wondrous and I wish I could attend such an event one day. Keep up the good works.

    1. Thank you. I'm sure you'll get your chance...