Monday, 2 March 2015

Ghosts and Snow

The artist Layla Holzer has been hard at work creating a music video for the upcoming release of a Moth Rah track. The song is a narrative tale of ghosts, lives lost and despair in a snow covered world. Every character from the song has been handcrafted for the video by Layla.

Filming took place this last weekend. Layla collaborated with her artist partner Spike Dennis in shooting the video in their living room which they transformed into a land of snow and ice.

The Elder Tree, shown here, is at the dark heart of the song's narrative and also the title of the track. The puppets have been created from paper, tape and paper mache with plastic eyes and flaxan hair. I love the exquisite detail of their outfits from the coloured buttons to the handmade leather shoes.

The landscape has been created from driftwood collected by Layla and Spike from their local beach. Texture shots and green screen are some of the effects being utilised to create ghostly, haunting images.

Looking forward to sharing both the track and video :-)

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